Headteacher and Chief Executive Officer of the Trust:
Shameem Hussain

Uzma Iqbal

Staff Governors:
Samantha Bowling
Robyn Badley

Parent Governors
Huma Akhtar
Khizra Khan

Community Governors:
Nadim Najib
Sophie Loreen
Christopher Swallow

Pat Chappell

Attendance at Meetings – Updated September 2020

Statement of business and pecuniary interests – September 2018

The Academies Financial Handbook (section 2.10.1, effective 1 September 2018) directs that Academy Trusts “must publish on their websites relevant business and pecuniary interests of members, trustees, local governors and senior employees”.

The following current declarations have been recorded:

Name          Type of Governor Business/ pecuniary interest Date of Entry
Chris Haddock Community None 25.09.2019
Shameem Hussain Headteacher Employed within the Trust 25.09.2019
Nadim Najib Parent A relative works at Beech Hill School 25.09.2019
Christopher Swallow Community None 25.09.2019
Sofia Loreen Parent None 25.09.2019
Huma Akhtar Parent None 25.09.2019
Khizra Khan Parent None 25.09.2019
Uzma Iqbal Parent None 25.09.2019
Samantha Bowling Staff Employed by the Trust as a Deputy Headteacher 25.09.2019
Robyn Badley Staff Employed by the Trust as a Teacher 25.09.2019