Extracurricular Activities

All children have a common set of experiences that enable them to fully access the curriculum that we deliver at Beech Hill School. They are able to collect memories during their time throughout school. from across the Key Through these memorable experiences, pupils can hook on their knowledge and use this to develop their understanding throughout their education.

For those with particular passions and for those who have not fully reached their potential, pupils will be targeted with additional exciting and memorable workshops and trips to ensure that the gap between the disadvantaged children and their peers is closed. Inspiring moments are used to enthuse and develop interests to ensure that all children have access to extra-curricular experiences both inside and outside of school time.

MasterChef Club

In this club, the children learn about how to follow instructions, use their maths knowledge and skills to measure out instructions as well as learning more about hygiene, healthy eating, nutrition and lifestyle choices.  Children are taught how to safely cut using the different techniques.



Architecture and Building Club

Architecture club is for anybody with a keen interest in buildings and structures, from high-rise skyscrapers to tree houses and sheds. Children are faced with challenges that test out their skills and knowledge of shapes as well as how to use different resources to get them thinking.  They may have to design the tallest structure, a structure that can hold the most weight or follow instructions to create 3D shapes.  The photos show a few projects and lots of imagination!

Cricket Club

Our cricket club is taught by Mr Hampshire.  Playing cricket is the perfect way to make friends and learn new skills whilst keeping fit and healthy. 




Orchestra Club

The school orchestra is supported by Music for the Many (a local charity).  The children have the opportunity to learn to play different instruments as well as understanding the huge importance of music-making in becoming thoughtful, intelligent, caring, empowered and happy young people.

Choir and Singing Club

Our school choir perform at school events and have competed at the Halifax Minster in a competition organised by Calderdale Music Trust and the local Rotary Club, as well as taking part in the Young Voices concert in Sheffield.

Eco Club

Our eco club learn about impactful environmental actions and think about how they can support our local community and environment.  Ideas on how to reduce, reuse and recycle resources are discussed as well as being put into practice in school.  In the nursery area, wooden pallets have been recycled to make a bug hotel and a mud kitchen as well as tyres painted and made into planters.

Friendship Club

Our friendship club at playtime supports a range of children with their social and emotional skills.  They play a variety of games that encourage communication and interaction between peers.  Children in these groups become more confident and transfer learnt skills into their lessons and wider lives.

Science Club

Our science club is crammed full of exciting science experiments that continue to expose children to a wide range of science topics from chemistry, physics, and biology to engineering, geology, astronomy, scientific history and much more! 

Archery Club

Archery is a fun sport that boosts skills such as balance, focus and strength.  Children are learning that precision is the name of the game and they need to give the target their full attention to make an accurate shot.

Sewing Club

Our sewing club encourages a creative passion and teaches kids valuable lessons linked to design and technology as well as art and design. It allows them the chance to explore their creative side and also teaches focus. Not only does sewing build fine motor skills, but it helps children improve confidence and problem-solving abilities.  Children will work to a design brief, look at existing products and go through a process of designing before pulling ideas together including and making prototypes to enhance their final project.  Once their final product is made, they will go through an evaluation process.

Memory Lane at the Maurice Jagger Centre

The year 6 children attend the Memory Lane Cafe which provides a dementia-friendly environment for people affected by dementia, other memory problems and isolation.  Whilst there, the children join in with a varied programme of games & crafts, help to serve cakes and drinks alongside enjoying conversations with the people and families there.