Our Artsmark Journey

Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools, accredited by Arts Council England. In 2013, Beech Hill School were awarded with Artsmark status, followed up in 2014 by Artsmark Gold.

The Arts play a key role in giving children at our school a vital channel for self-expression. We provide a wealth of opportunities for children to discover, explore and extend their natural talents. The Arts are used as a vehicle to provide intrinsic, meaningful and essential learning opportunities and new experiences.

We feel our provision reflects the seven quality principles of Artsmark so well, we have decided to go for the Artsmark Platinum Standard.
We would like to share our journey with you as we work towards gaining the Artsmark Platinum Standard. We will update you regularly with all the new exciting experiences here at Beech Hill.

Please Click Here to see our Statement of Commitment.

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